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Our rapidly deployable CCTV Tower

The Central i-Tower is a rapidly deployable mobile CCTV Security System that can be set up within minutes.


The Tower is custom built to meet the exact requirements of the site and can be utilised in many sectors such as; construction, festivals, sports events & public gatherings.


It is provided with a 24/7 monitoring service, and keyholding and alarm response if required, providing around the clock surveillance. 


The operators can react to events immediately and offer a voice challenge to any would be intruders.


The Central i-Tower can be powered by a number of different options; site power (110v or 240v), battery, wind and solar.


The Central i-Tower is delivered to site and commissioned by qualified engineers. It is rent on a weekly basis.


The Central i-Tower can monitor surprisingly large areas by using numerous wireless PIRs (upto 64) located around the site, and a PTZ camera that will zoom into an area following a PIR activation. 

Various types of cameras can be utilised; Fixed lens, varifocal, PTZ, thermal etc. Camera selection is determined on the site conditions and requirements. 


Working in partnership with our sister company Central Security Services, we are able to offer a keyholding and response service for sites located in South Wales. Central Security Services are a fully accredited SIA approved company, with Safe-contractor status.  

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