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Example Finance

The following quotation is for illustration purposes only and is based on a balance of £10,000.00 to assist your purchasing decision. Any leasing figures quoted are subject to credit approval and are for established Limited Companies trading for over 3 years. We can also offer finance to start up and new Limited Companies – please ask us for figures.


All figures provided are subject to Vat and credit approval

Please contact us if you require any other periods or repayment profiles


Some Key Benefits of Leasing


  • No need to pay full cost up front

  • Have access to a higher standard of equipment

  • Pay for the equipment over a fixed time period, which helps budget for the future

  • Rentals are fixed making it easier to forecast cashflow

  • Spread the cost over a longer period to match payments to income

  • Your business can usually deduct the full cost of lease rentals from taxable income

  • Independent method of funding to any banking facilities

  • Creates a revenue stream quickly for your business

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